Reading Malinowski and Firth

Hello everyone,

I have now posted a page title ‘Reading Firth’.

I have collated various papers, and produced a talk (uploaded in two parts) based on various extracts from his writings. Firth is not so easy to read, but his ideas are so important for linguistics, in particular for Hallidayan linguistics. I hope some of you might go and post on the forum page – an introduction, a question or some views on the ideas of Firth and Malinowski.

On Friday, we will start with Malinowski – what are his key ideas, and in what ways have they influence Firth and Halliday? Then we want to understand how the conception of context changes in the theory of Firth. We also want to get a sense of the main ideas of Firth. Come ready to talk these questions over.

Would anyone like to volunteer some of their data to use for a discussion of text-context relations?

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